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Sunday, December 8, 2019 
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     It's Almost Christmas

"Christmas comes but once a year" or so we've been told.  But why is that?  Christmas is supposed to be celebrated because of the birth of Jesus Christ but lately it's become a present giving, card exchange, eating turkey kind of day.  Religion?  What's that got to do with Christmas?

And what's with all the bumper stickers that read "Keep Christ in Christmas"?  Don't they know that they're interferring with all the Black Friday, Cyber Monday kind of sales. 

How 'bout we strike a happy medium.  Let's do both!!  Afterall, we've got the time, don't we?

This, however, is the last edition of the Chronicle.......Seems I've just run out of energy when it comes to writing up NEWS.  Maybe somewhere in the future, you'll see a new copy of the Chronicle show up in your inbox. That's a big MAYBE.

Thanks for all the support you've given the Chronicle in the last 9 years.  And sorry that this edition is late.

"Redneck 12 Days of Christmas" is a redneck parody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" written by Jeff Foxworthy and Tim Wilson and recorded by Foxworthy on his 1996 album Crank It Up: The Music Album. The song reached number 18 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in January 1996, becoming the highest-charting seasonal title of the SoundScan era, a record that has since been tied by Jimmy Wayne's "Paper Angels." It subsequently peaked at number 39 in January 1997, number 39 in January 1998, number 37 in January 1999 and number 35 in January 2000.

The song's B-side, "'Twas the Night After Christmas", peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart in January 1997.

December 8, 2019

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