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Weird History


So let's keep it going with more Crime and Punishment.  Let's see. . .we've done the treadmills in prisons, the selling of the Eiffel Tower not once, but twice,  and we gave reference to the ladies who knitted while the French guillotine fell.   All, grusome tales, but true.  Now, let's talk about the "murder shot that hit it's mark years later."


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Murder Shot Hits Its Mark Years Later


A man swore vengeance after his sister committed suicide due to a failed relationship. The man vowed to kill Henry Ziegland, the person who broke his sister's heart. He shot at Ziegland, but missed, lodging the bullet into a nearby tree. Years later, Ziegland was clearing the land and used dynamite to remove the tree with the bullet lodged in it. The bullet became dislodged and killed Ziegland.


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London's Serial Pin-Pricking Pervert Attacks 50

Between 1788 and 1790, London was terrorised by a serial stabber.  His weapon of choice?  A pin.  Attacking only women, more than 50 victims elaimed to have been attacked by what the papers dubbed the London Monster.

Over the course of two years, more women of high socienty reported being attacked by a man who had stabbem them in the bottom, though other more brutal accounts coaimed that ladies had been stabbed with a knife.  After a few reports, a trend emerged;  it became clear that the attacker had a "type", choosing victims who were all renown beauties.

Reported cases spiked, with some women claiming to have been victimized by the London Monster to boost their own appeal in society - some women even going so far as to fake injuries.

in 1790, an unemployed man called Rhynwick Williams was arrested for the crimes, although to this day many people question his involvement - or whether the London Monster was a case of hysteria or even a real person at all.


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Shakespeare Swipes The Globe

ABefore the Globe, London's most celebratedtheater was situated on the north side of the River Thames in Shoreditch.  Aptly named "The Theatre", it was built by James Burtage and for decades had been home to many acting troupes, including the Lord Chamberlain's Men, of which Shakespeare was a part.

The land was leased from a Mr. Allen, but in 1597 he refused to renew the contract.  After months of disagreements, Burtage's sons decided to take matters into their own hands.  In the dead of the night, the twomen, along with acarpenter and a dozen actors,"armed with nlawful and offensive weapons, asnamelh swords, daggers, bills, axes and such like", crept onto the site and dismantledthe theater.  Shakespeare was one of them.

As the butbages couldn't afford to lease a new plot on their own,they offered five members of the company the chance to become part-owners of a new theater.  With their investments, they leased some land on the south bank of the river and ferried the salvaged timber to Southwark.  The materials were used to build another, and in 1599 the Globe Theater opened its doors to the public.


December 8, 2019

"The Great Pretender" is a popular song recorded by The Platters, with Tony Williams on lead vocals, and released as a single on November 3, 1955. The words and music were written by Buck Ram the Platters' manager and producer who was a successful songwriter before moving into producing and management. The song reached the UK charts peaking at number 5.


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