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Sunday, June 30, 2019 
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Just Do It?

The same 'ol families keep hosting the Corks and Forks. And once a year, I come around with a clipboard to find "hosts" to pick up the 4 tubs in our garage, find out the things they might need (and buy more if needed), then return the tubs so the next host has what they may need.  Then it's just show up about 30 minutes early and get the tables and chairs arranged and that's about it.

Nothing to it, right? 

So why is it that EVERYONE doesn't volunteer (take their turn at hosting one or more like David and Dorree did).

Well, to make a long story short, I'll be starting with the 'ol clipboard next month (July's C&F) so you have plenty of time to consider being a host this year.

I really think we have three or four options:

     (1) Start collecting names as neighbors show up to one or more C&F, then just start going down the streets, putting names in the "volunteer" cue.  Lots of paperwork involved here but then everyone does get a night to host (every two or three years).

     (2) Pick names from a hat method, but then what if someone refuses to "host"?

     (3) Continue begging and pleading people to volunteer, just like always.

     (4) Stop worrying about a Corks & Forks night (once a month).  Let it fall by the wayside.

Darn, I really don't like any of these options.  How about having volunteers come up to me and ask if they can host one of the C&F's.  Too much of a dream?  Maybe, but it sure sounds good.  Maybe, just maybe, some variation of this might be the way to go.  Just hang the 'ol volunteer clipboard by the food table in the card room at the Bacall Rec Center and when it gets filled up, it gets filled up.  If it doesn't get filled up, we know that nobody wants to host a particular month and we just skip it.

Maybe, I should quit venting so much in the Chronicle.  But keep you eye on the end of the food table in the card room at the Bacall Rec Center.
June 30, 2019
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