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Sunday, May 13, 2018 

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So let's talk about being prepared for a Hurricane.  The Wednesday Daily Sun provided a nice "2018 Hurricane Preparedness Guide" insert that everyone should have kept.  I know I did.

Besides all the advertisements, there were some very good articles:

(1) Experts say this season likely to be slightly above normal.....

     A typical year has 12 to 15 named storms, of which 6 to 8 become hurricanes and of those, 1 to 5 could become major hurricanes.

     However, this year the Colorado State University is predicting 16 named storms, of which there may be 7 hurricanes, and 3 of those could become major hurricanes.

(The Chronicle goes out on a limb and says that this will be closer to a normal year - all that without the "educated" guess that comes out of CSU.)

     There are EASY ways to remain informed during a hurricane.....

     Buy a Weather radio and tune into WVLG (our local AM-640 radio)

     They go on to list Emergency Contact Numbers.

(2) When getting your home storm-ready, focus on having a plan.....  Do you have a plan or are you just so-so on the storm planning?
(3) Prepare to have the following ready for the storm:

     Food and Water
               1 gallon of water person for 3 to 7 days.
               3-day supply of canned food and a manual can opener
               Nuts and dried fruit
               paper cups, plates and utensils
     Personal Items

               Two sets of car and house keys
               Clothes, socks, shoes, pillows and blankets
               Sleeping bags
               Books, board and card games, puzzles and other entertainment
               Cell phone with wall and car chargers
               Comb / Brush
     Hosehold Items

               Cooking tools
               Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
Battery-powered or hand-crank flashlights
               Light sticks
               Extra batteries
               Tarp, duct tape, work gloves and a rain poncho
               Knife, hammer, pliers and screwdrivers
               Thermal Blankets

     Medicine and Health

               Toiletries, hand sanitizer and paper towels
               First-aid kit that includes
                    2 pairs of sterile gloves
                    antibiotic wipes
                    antibiotic cream
                    stretch gauze and roll tape
                    petroleum jelly
                    sterile dressings
                    eye wash
                    anti-diarrhea medication
                    hydrogen peroxide

               Toothbrush and toothpaste
               Glucose monitors and test strips for diabetics
               Denture supplies
               Hearing-aid batteries
               Bleach for purifying water, if necessary (16 drops for every gallon of

     Important papers

               Photo identification, prescriptions, insurance and utility bills placed in
                    a waterproof container
               Local and state mapss
               Photo of property and valuables

(4) A map "Atlantic Hurricane Tracking Chart"

(5) A page explaining the names of any 2018 storms:

     Alberto           Gordon          Michael          Tony
     Beryl               Helene           Nadine           Valerie
     Chris               Isaac             Oscar             William
     Debby             Joyce             Patty
     Ernesto           Kirk               Rafael
     Florence         Leslie            Sara

   and there you have it; the first 21 storm names of 2018.

And they explained the hurricane catagores:

     Category 1:   Sustained winds of 74 - 95 mph (some damage)
     Category 2:  
Sustained winds of 96 - 110 mph (extensive damage)
     Category 3:   Sustained winds of 111-129 mph (devastating damage)
     Category 4:   Sustained winds of 130-156 mph (catastrophic damage)
     Category 5:   Sustained winds of 157 mph or higher (catastrophic damage)

(6) A ten question test of your hurricane I.Q.

(7) From gadgets to Apps, these key items can weather any storm:

     Helpful Devices

               Led flashlights or lanterns

               Mobile device chargers
               A Multi-tool

     Helpful Apps

               Family Locator by Life 360
               ICE standard ER 911
               Zello Walkie Talkie
               American Red Cross
               FEMA app
               Pet First Aid

(8) Emergency Officials take lessons from Irma to make improvement:


(9) Keep Your Furry Family Members Safe:

     Make plans for sheltering your pets
     Assemble a Pet Emergency Kit
     Plan in case you're not home
     Ride out the storm at home

(10) When a Storm Hits, Should You Stay or Go?  An Evacuation Guide.

(11) Once a Hurricane Has Passed, Some Threats Remain:

     Drinking Water

(12) General Population Storm Shelters

     Sumter County
     Lake County
     Marion County

And there you have it - highlights from the "2018 Hurricane Preparedness Guide".

May 13, 2018

"Funny How Time Slips Away" is a song written by Willie Nelson and first recorded by country singer Billy Walker. Walker's version peaked at number 23 on the Hot C&W Sides chart. The tune is slightly similar to "When Two Worlds Collide" which was written by Roger Miller and Bill Anderson

The Best of Willie Nelson is a 1982 compilation album by country singer Willie Nelson.

Track listing

  1. Funny How Time Slips Away
  2. Hello Walls
  3. The Part Where I Cry
  4. Undo the Right
  5. Wake Me When It's Over
  6. Crazy
  7. Touch Me
  8. One Step Beyond
  9. Three Days
  10. Half a Man
  11. Where My House Lives
  12. Mr. Record Man
  13. Darkness on the Face of the Earth


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