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Sunday, January 14, 2018 

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(Hoover Vacuum Rogue 950)

Finally!  After over two weeks of e-mails back and forth to Hoover, they finally released a new version of the app that you're supposed to download to control your Rogue 950 automatic vacuum.  Oh, it would work (sort of) in the manual mode - turn it on and it would vacuum everywhere in your house that it could access but all the nifty features that were advertised just weren't there.  

There was the mapping of your house (drawing a map of every room, then when turned loose, show exactly where your 950 was and what had been cleaned).  Then there was the automatic scheduling (pick the days of the week and the time you wanted the "mission" to start).  Or remotely checking to see how much charge was left on its battery.  Maybe, you just wanted to forbid the Rogue 950 from entering one area.

Perhaps you were curious about recent "missions".  That's the recent trips the Rogue 950 has been on and whether it finished each of them.  Or you just wanted to put the Rogue 950 in to one of the three performance modes (Stealth, Normal, or Beast).

The new app was supposed to allow you to register your new Rogue 950, tell you the installed firmware version, show you the model you were running and give you the serial number of the unit.  It also was supposed to give you access to an on-line copy of (a) the Quick Start Guide, (b) the Owner's Manual, (c) FAQ's and (d) Video Links.

Then there was the graphic link to show each of the major components and how to clean each one via videos on youtube.com.

Well, guess what?  They fixed the app, notified each user, and everything works.  My one complaint is that the app doesn't allow you return to a previous page just when you need it most.  When you select a major cvomponent and it starts to take you to a youtube video, a screen will pop up saying "The following link will be opened outside your browser. - OK" and then doesn't give you the choice to cancel it out before opening it.

But, hey, after waiting and complaining every other day that their vacuum wasn't working as advertised, it's quite a joy to finally get something out of Hoover that works.

January 14, 2018

This week, a tribute to the Beatles.  You know, the Fab Four that stormed the U.S. back in the 60's.  

The Beatles' Long Tall Sally is The Beatles' final album to be released exclusively in Canada. It was a mono release on the Capitol Records label (catalogue number T 6063) in May 1964.

After the release of this album, Beatles' records in Canada would match the group's United States releases, starting with the United Artists version of the A Hard Day's Night album, and, on Capitol, Something New. This was done under orders from Capitol president Alan W. Livingston. Earlier American Beatle album releases were also issued in Canada.[1]

This album borrows its name—and two tracks—from The Beatles' British EP Long Tall Sally. Four of the tracks had already been released on the Canadian album Beatlemania! With the Beatles.

The cover design is almost identical to the US release The Beatles' Second Album.


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