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Sunday, November 12, 2017
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(Bogus $100 Bills?, No Special Deal, Trash Pickup, )

november 11, 2017 BY staff report november 11, 2017 BY letters to the editor (Villages-news, that is)

Restaurant in The Villages contacts police over $100 bills believed to be bogus

Villages restaurant would not honor special deal for veterans

Management of a restaurant in The Villages contacted law enforcement over $100 bills believed to be bogus.

Lady Lake police were called Nov. 6 to Chicken Salad Chick at La Plaza Grande on Bichara Boulevard after a man attempted to purchase food with three $100 bills that restaurant personnel determined to be counterfeit, according to an incident report from the Lady Lake Police Department. They refused him service.

The man told police he left the restaurant, went to Citizens First Bank and exchanged the $100 bills for $20 bills.

The man said personnel at Citizens First Bank told him to tell management at Chicken Salad Chick to check their marking pen as it may be bad or defective.

To the Editor (Daily Sun):

My group played golf at Havana on Saturday and were going for lunch at Beef O’Brady’s at Colony Plaza.  My friend had received an email from Beef O’Brady’s advertising two-for-one meals for veterans.  There was a sign on the door stating that they were not participating.

We asked for the manager and showed him the email and he affirmed that they were not participating.  We asked why and were told “the owner wants to make a profit.” Fine with me but I said “the owner needs to understand that there are other places we can go to eat.” The manager repeated his comment and I repeated mine at which point he said “I can see I am not going to make you happy” and he picked up our pitcher of beer and our glasses.  So my 15 golfers and I went Mexican.

I don’t think this is any way to treat our veterans and have vowed to get the word out and never to return.

Jerry Todd
Village of Santiago

District Office releases information about trash pickup during Thanksgiving week

Decorations stolen from bench that pays tribute to Villager who served in U.S. Army

november 11, 2017 BY staff report november 10, 2017 BY staff report

The Villages District Office has released the following information about trash pickup during Thanksgiving week:
Village Community Development Districts 1-11
If you live in Village Community Development Districts 1-11 in the Sumter County, Marion County or Fruitland Park portions of The Villages, there will not be sanitation collection on Thursday, Nov. 23.  For those with Thursday trash and/or recycling, collection will occur on Saturday, Nov.  25.  Please have your bags out no later than 6 a.m.  All others will follow your normal collection schedule. 
Village Community Development District No. 12 – The Village of Fenney
If your sanitation collection is serviced by Waste Management in the Village of Fenney, you will not have sanitation collection service on Thursday, Nov. 23.  Collection will occur on your next normally scheduled collection day. 
If you live in the Lake County portion of The Villages, contact Lake County Solid Waste at (352) 343-3776 for information on your sanitation schedule.  If you live in the Lady Lake portion of The Villages, please contact Waste Management at (352) 787-4416 for additional information.

A Villager was saddened to see decorations he put up at a bench to honor his best friend had been stolen.

James “Moon” O’Drain of the Village of Caroline met Michael Patrick O’Dare when they were boys living in row houses in Philadelphia.

They were friends for 65 years before O’Dare passed away in 2013 after losing a battle with prostate cancer.

About six months earlier, O’Dare and his wife Joan had moved into the Village of Tamarind Grove.   

“He came down to visit and bought a house within a month,” O’Drain recalled.

O’Drain and his wife Jacquie, together with Joan, bought a bench near the Sarasota Executive Golf Course to honor O’Dare.

November 12, 2017

"Money (That's What I Want)" is a song written by Tamla founder Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford that became the first hit record for Gordy's Motown enterprise. The song was recorded in 1959 by Barrett Strong for the Tamla label, distributed nationally on Anna Records. It went on to be covered by many artists, including the Beatles in 1963 and the Flying Lizards in 1979.

The Beatles recorded "Money" in seven takes on July 18, 1963, with their usual lineup. A series of piano overdubs was later added by producer George Martin. The song was released in November 1963 as the final track on their second UK album, With the Beatles.

According to George Harrison, the group discovered Strong's version in Brian Epstein's NEMS record store (though not a hit in the UK, it had been issued on London Records in 1960). They had previously performed it during their audition at Decca Records on January 1, 1962, with Pete Best still on drums at the time. They also recorded it six times for BBC radio. A live version, taped at a concert date in Stockholm, Sweden in October 1963, was included on Anthology 1.

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