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Sunday, November 8, 2015
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Your Local Sheriff's Department

I think that the information presented by the Sheriff's department deserves a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) place in the Chronicle.  I have been swamped with flyers that were handed out and some that weren't handed out.  Here's some of the programs that your Sumter County Sheriff's department sponsors (or is a part of) above and beyond their normal duties.

Yes, and I too, am having a problem printing these pages out on my printer.  I have scanned them in so if you want a clean copy that you can print, just contact me at:  editor@witherspoonpath.com.  I'll e-mail them off to you.  I also have an extra vial and the green stickers for your windows.  (Note:  I only have one so first come, first served.)

 We became participants in (1) Code Red and (2) the Vial of Life programs when we first moved in to the Villages.  We also had a member of the Sheriff's department come to the house and tell us what we could do to make our house more "burgler-proof."

For more information about the Sumter County Sheriff's Department, you can visit their web page at:  http://www.sumtercountysheriff.org/.

The Chronicle often uses their information on the "10 Most Wanted" page.  The Sheriff's Department also has other programs of interest like (1) Peace of Mind program, (2) BBQ Loaner program, (3) Finger Printing, (4) Photo Galleries, (5) PSAs and Videos, (6) Off-Duty Details and (7) Press Releases.  Their "Get-Involved" program has (1) Cold Cases, (2) Crimeline and (3) Sex Offenders.

Then there's their "Inside the SCSO" which lists the most recent Press Releases, including bulletins on crimes and arrests that have happened in recent months.  It's like following along with an episode of "Law and Order."

It's also interesting to note that the Sheriff's Department has (1) a SWAT team, (2) a Canine Unit, (3) an Aviation Unit, (4) a Marine Unit as well as (5) a Dive Team.

NOTE:  The Code Red program was directly or indirectly responsible for helping the Sheriff's Department captuee a recent suspect that was trying to escape through the Villages (most notably through a couple of villages that butt up to Bonita - remember seeing the helicopter flying around recently....).  Code Red called everyone within a one mile radius of his known location and residents were asked to be on the lookout. Through multiple calls, the Sheriff's Department was able to track the suspect's approximate location and direction which resulted in his capture. Isn't it amazing what technology and a thousand pairs of eyes can do? 


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"I Fought the Law" is a song written by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets and became popularized by a cover by the Bobby Fuller Four, which went on to become a top-ten hit for the band in 1966 and was also recorded by the Clash in 1979. The Bobby Fuller Four version of this song was ranked No. 175 on the Rolling Stone list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time in 2004, and the same year was named one of the 500 "Songs that Shaped Rock" by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.