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Sunday, November 8, 2015
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As members of the Villages CDD #7, we all have the right NOT to vote or have our opinions heard.  That's what "choice" is all about.

However, it is not in your best interest to complain AND NOT VOTE.  Your vote is how you are asked to stand up and be counted.

Ron McMahon, who chairs the VCDD #7 Board of Supervisors, sends out what he calls "NewsShorts" periodically.  They contain news of what's going on with our Board of Supervisors, issues that are on the table, and how they're (the Board) reacting to current issues.  He just sent out the 20th edition so this apparently has been going on for some time now.

In edition #19, he asked for input on the Multi Modal Path (MMP) Striping.  The results were as follows:

     141 individuals were NOT in favor of MMP Striping  (71.9%)
       44 individuals were in favor of "side Striping"   (22.4%)
         6 individuals were in favor of "center-line Striping"   (3%)
         5 individuals expressed "no opinion"   (2.5%)

Whether or not you agree with these numbers, these are the numbers that Ron will be taking to the Board meeting on November 12th at 8:00 AM.  Everyone is encouraged to attend at the District Office in Lake Sumter Landing (above Starbucks).

This "poll" is worrisome in one major way.  Even though Ron indicated that the District "did a good job" by having 16+ % of our neighbors responding (where a typical "survey response" is generally in the 9 - 12% range), this is exactly how people get elected and re-elected to political positions, then we all wonder why.  All a candidate has to do is reach the 9 - 12% that will be voting, sway them to his/her side and POOF, we have an unwanted, but elected official.

The way to get your opinion counted is (1) get on Ron McMahon's mailing list by sending him an e-mail requesting you be included in all his "NewsShorts" deliveries, (2) read them when you get them, and (3) send in your responses when asked.  Of course, there is a (4) to this and that's attending the meetings of the VDCC #7 Board Meetings.  Get involved.

What's that old saying?  "IF YOU DON'T VOTE, DON'T COMPLAIN".

For instance, did you have your mind set on a different outcome in the poll above?  Did you want stripping?  Centerline or side?  Perhaps you were one of those that e-mailed Ron with "No Opinion" (Is a vote of "no opinion" the same as not voting?)  Perhaps you were one of those that DID NOT respond back to Ron.  Perhaps you were in the group that doesn't receive Ron's "NewsShorts" and didn't even know there was a poll going on.  Well, you can change all that by sending Ron an e-mail at:  rmcmahon507@yahoo.com
and say "Please add me to your list to receive your VCDD #7 NewsShorts.  It should be just that simple.


"Got My Mind Set on You" is a song written by Rudy Clark and originally recorded by James Ray in 1962. An edited version of the song was released later in the year as a single on the Dynamic Sound label. In 1987, George Harrison released a cover version of the song as a single, and released it on his album, Cloud Nine.